Learn to paint in acrylics and oils
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Painting Classes in Wirral

Learn to paint in acrylics and oils

I run weekly painting classes for adults at the Parade (Hoylake Community Centre) on the Wirral peninsula. Classes are suitable for beginners or more experienced artists, working in either oils or acrylics.

The primary aim of these classes is to guide students through a personal creative journey. My teaching attempts to suppress some of the stifling inhibitions experienced by many amateur painters in order to liberate creativity. I aim to help students produce truly original work about which they can feel proud, excited and creatively fulfilled.

Classes are thematically structured and provide instruction on fundamental elements of painting such as mixing colour and the use of perspective. I provide brief demonstrations (alternately in oils and acrylics) at many classes in order to most clearly and simply illustrate working practice.

I aim to provide each student with an equal share of my time at each class, and my teaching takes into account skill and confidence levels of respective students.

Classes are currently held on Wednesday afternoons at the Parade (Hoylake Community Centre) from 2:15-4:45pm. Students attending their first classes will be charged £5, with subsequent classes costing £7 per visit.

In order to control numbers booking is essential, so if you were interested in attending either daytime or evening classes or would like more information please contact me by telephone (0779 0471 098) or email (simon@birtall.co.uk). Thank you.

Bespoke Art Workshops

For students looking for a more intensive, personalised means of study, without the weekly commitment, I offer bespoke painting workshops from my home study/conservatory on the Wirral. We are able to accommodate up to 3 students per workshop. More on our painting workshops...

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